4 comments on “K. Hinkle Weekly Update – The Noobs

  1. I’m really happy LEGO has that orientation program to help them understand what other parts of the company do. Is this only in Enfield, or does it take place in Billund as well?

    Is this going to be a full time set of hands? It would be great to see some additional support for the community!

    Also, can I have that LEGO Movie standup in the picture? :P

  2. I have decided to not read anything into your choice of a clown minifig to represent Male AFOLs… ;)

  3. That’s very interesting to learn. It’d be wonderful if your team could alter the presentation into something that could be shown TO the AFOL community. I’m quite interested to know what the overall interpretation of the fan community is to Lego, what all the data, conversations, support, and so on equates to in understanding. Its like “You’ve studied us, now present your findings.” Lol Also, I think many AFOLs don’t fully understand what the AFOL community as a whole represent in the big machine that represents lego. I know I sure don’t. Just because we’re AFOL’s ourselves doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to learn about the AFOL community as a whole.

    I’d love to see you guys utilize a youtube channel to present interesting info graphic slide shows and presentations as well. That’d work so well in tandem with the blog here I think. That’s if you guys aren’t already doing that. Shows how much I know about what’s actually going on here. I’m a new comer, so sorry if I’m missing out on some pretty obvious stuff. ^^;

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